APC Boys, Sarfaraz Rafiqui Road

  • Mr. Syed Ahmed Imam Bukhari

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  • 52-A Sarfraz Rafiqui Road, Lahore, Cantt

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  • Intermediate


Army Public College (Boys) is a unique institution of its kind with proud legacy and rich traditions. Its highly qualified faculty and disciplined environment distinguish it from other academic institutions, which our alumni carry and exhibit throughout in their life style. Over the years, Army Public College has produced scores of professional students who are serving humanity with their professional acumen and competency, be it Armed Forces, Medical Colleges, Engineering Universities and other private organizations across the country.

The college is inspired by its noble mission and functions through a carefully crafted comprehensive education philosophy to produce personalities of eminence and leaders of stature. Besides formal education, moral and social grooming of students is enacted through a host of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The faculty members at Army Public College encourage active and creative minds. We try to impart conceptual knowledge to the students for their professional growth.

The college focuses on inculcating values of integrity, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, self-confidence and healthy competitive spirit among its students. We are committed to produce excellent results of our students in board exams. The materialization of this objective is possible by the initiative of both parents and teachers. We are constantly looking to implement such teaching methodologies meticulously and painstakingly by which we can accomplish bright future of our students.

"May Allah Almighty be our guide and protector in all undertakings!"

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