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Grade Categories
J-4 Naib/Qasid, Bus Conductors, Chowkidars, Malis, Ayas & Sweepers
H-6 Drivers, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters &, Masons
G-11 Clerks, Lab Asst, Lib Asst , PTIs and Computer Operators
F-14 Care Taker, Lab Demo (Colleges)
E-15 Adm JCO. Office Supdt, Accountant & Junior Teachers
D-16 Senior Teachers
C-17 Teacher/Lecturers in selection Grade
B-18 Assistant Professor/Teachers in selection Grade (MA/MSc/M.Phil/Ph.D)
A-19 Vice Principals/Associate Professor (MA/MSc/M.Phil/Ph.D)
A+20 Principals
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Page last updated: Friday 14 January 2015