APC Boys, Sarfaraz Rafiqui Road

  • Syed Ahmed Imam Bukhari

  • 0423-660-3537

  • 52-A Sarfraz Rafiqui Road, Lahore, Cantt

  • principal@apcboys.lges.edu.pk

  • Intermediate


Welcome to Army Public College (Boys) / (Garrison College Boys), a quality name of excellence in education. Under the esteemed guidance and standards upheld by LGES and APSACS, we are committed in cultivating lifelong learners, the future leaders of Pakistan who embody the values of respect, research, and resilience. Our vision is to provide a transformative educational experience that ignites curiosity, fuels creativity, and sharpens critical thinking skills. Through differentiated teaching practices, competitive facilities, and highly qualified and experienced faculty, we create a happy stimulating environment where students are inspired to reach their full potential.

At APC (Boys) / (GCB), we believe in nurturing the wholesome personality, offering a diverse array of co–curricular and sports activities to foster personal growth and leadership development. Our commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship is evident in our community outreach initiatives and sustainability efforts.

Join us on this journey of discovery and growth as we empower the leaders of tomorrow to make a meaningful impact on our society and nation as a whole

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