Garrison Academy for Teachers Education (GATE)

  • Brig (R) Muhammad Ghulam Hassan

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  • Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt


  • Teachers Trainings & Workshops


The Garrison Academy for Teacher Education (GATE), established Since 2015, plays a pivotal role in enhancing Teacher’ Middle Managers’ and Senior Manager’ skills / competence through continuous professional training. GATE facilitates the trainees to strive for the highest standards of quality in teaching, research and professional practices.

We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support amongst educators, students and stake holders. When you enter GATE, you learn to embrace creativity and innovation as catalysts for continuous improvement and growth.

We help you in fostering your professional growth, enhance pedagogical skills and strengthen your leadership abilities.

GATE not only offers training to LGES teachers and faculty but also to external candidates. Today GATE stands much more its contemporaries in the field of enhancing professional faculties of the educators but also provides opportunities to the desirous in improving their desired skills.

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