Code of Conduct

For Students

Students of Lahore Garrison Education System are expected to be supportive of each other in achieving their educational goals. No student has the right to impede the educational progress of any other student

Set daily, weekly, term and annual goals. Plan time so that deadlines can be met. Attend classes, be ready to learn and to support the learning of others. Arrive at school and in classes on time. Work consistently in the class.

Show respect towards students, staff and visitors.

Participate in sports and cultural activities. Offer service to the school and community.

Keep classrooms and grounds litter free and avoid vandalism. Never bring cigarettes or any drugs to school.

  • Always act in a manner which brings credit to yourself and to LGES.

  • Wear the school uniform correctly in and out of school.

  • Show pride in being a member of LGES community.

All students are expected to achieve the standard set in the Code of Conduct to ensure that teaching and learning can be effective, individual students can access a safe and secure learning environment and can present themselves with the pride that comes from belonging to a highly respected Institution.

On enrolment, parents, guardians and students sign an enrolment agreement to abide by the code and the rules supporting it.