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Fee Regulation For Parents

  1. In case the fee chalan (monthly/bi-monthly) is not received by the parent / guardian by the 1st of the billing month. The institutions accounts office must be contacted for issuance of the fee challan immediately.

  2. Fee challan must be paid latest by the 12th of the billing month.

  3. Late fee charity from 13th onward till 25th will be charged by the bank at the rate of RS. 20/- per day.

  4. No fee will be accepted by the bank from 26th to 30th / 31st of the billing month.

  5. Any student who fails to pay the fee challan even after 30th / 31st of the billing month will be required to pay the fee up to 25th of the next month with an added charity of RS. 30/- per day charged by the bank.

  6. If the student still fails to pay the fee challan by the 25th of the next month, his/her name will be struck off from the institution’s strength.

  7. In case readmission, it will be mandatory for the student to pay the outstanding fee, charity and readmission fee as well.

  8. It is advisable to maintain the record of the paid fee challans copies by the parent(s) in case of confirmation, if required by the institution.

  9. Newsletter charges will be recovered in the month of January and July.

  10. Magazine charges will be applicable in the month of November.

  11. Examination and Worksheets charges will be applicable in February and September.