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"Provide quality education at affordable cost with focus on academic excellence, personality development and character building

Welcome to LGES

Lahore Garrison Education System

Lahore Garrison Education System is a wide-spread education organization in Lahore Cantt, Pakistan. We are striving to enrich the future of the country with a generation, which is promising enough to lead the nation. LGES actively strives to inculcate moral values in children and to shape them into persons with a strong character and outgoing personality.

Lahore Garrison Education System has a branch network of Schools and Colleges, providing education from Montessori to Masters' Level, providing Dynamic and Creative Education at all levels.

All LGES institutions have come up with remarkable performance in SSC Examination. GPAs obtained by the schools are also exceptional. Collective GPA of Lahore Region, Alhamdulillah, it has shown a steady increase. Today it stands at 5.88 making highest GPA of APSACS Regions (based on collective strength of 897 students). Coming on to top 10 positions, 22 of our students achieved this land mark and 5 out of them are in first 5 positions.


Maj Gen (R)                            Azhar Naveed Hayat Khan
HI (M)

Chairman LGES


Over 22,000 Students

Every Child has our atmost attention

High Alert Security

Every Campus has its peak Security Level

Meeting the Standards

We have Standard Education Environment

Everything you need to learn

We have step by step tutorials & instructions

Our Institutions

APS (Azam Garrison)

Established in 1950, a premier institution of LGES and a big family today and blossomed over the years

APS Garrison Junior

Established in 1954, is one of the elite feeder units for LGES Senior Schools.

Garrison Boys High School

Our main emphasis is an academic excellence, refinement of communication skills and character building.

APS MS Garrison

Environmentally healthy campus focusing on the overall development of students through the richness of activities

Garrison Academy for Boys

We encourage and prepare students to participate fully and to be self-advocates with peers and staff.

Garrison Academy for Girls

We help our students to blossom and grow as individuals and give them academic and social skills to realise their true potential

Garrison Junior Academy

We enhance and motivate the intellectual potential of our young scholars by providing activity based learning.

Garrison Academy Jnr SSC

We have transitioned from the industrial age into the era of information & knowledge with all its profound challenges.

Garrison Academy Snr TSC

Achieving Excellence Through Educational Innovations


A wonderful place for students from diverse backgrounds, to grow educationally

Garrison Academy Cambridge Studies

We offer holistic education and preparing them to be ‘Gainers’ and ‘Attainers’ of the new world

Garrison Academy Junior TSC

We provide an environment which ultimately results in producing positive thinkers

Garrison Academy for Teacher Education

Premeditated to be the seat of learning for the teachers of LGES to transfigure their existing potential

Garrison College for Boys

Achieving excellence through educational innovations

Garrison College for Girls

We are privileged to work with your children in a partnership which focuses on “student achievement and well-being”

Garrison Academy Walton Cantt

We enhance and motivate the intellectual potential of our young scholars by providing activity based learning