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The educational institutions of Lahore Garrisons are a group of progressive and ever-expanding schools and colleges that provide quality education at affordable cost. Unlike other private educational institutions, these are managed on "No Profit" basis.

Maj Gen (R) Farhan Akhtar HI(M), Chairman LGES

LGES has a history of more than half a century. It started as a single school in 1950 to cater for the need of Army personnel only. Over the span of 68 years, LGES has grown into a dynamic and innovative chain of educational institutions that are under APSACS constantly responding to the academic challenges and changing environment. It kept on widening its horizons and is now providing opportunities to civil students as well.

The basic aim of education here is the holistic development of all students. The dynamic feature of APSACS curriculum includes Creative Writing, Critical Thinking, Inter Disciplinary Integration, Skill Development, Values, Global Citizenship Strands and Emotional Literacy Components. These exciting features aim at developing well-rounded citizens who can contribute to the society and be successful in this increasingly global and interdependent world.

LGES offer not only quality education but a wide range of co and extracurricular activities which nurture the hidden talents of the students. Activities such as debates, declamation, drama, music and sports help in achieving well rounded personalities of students. These activities help to inculcate a sense of sportsmanship, providing students an opportunity to develop their specialized skills, thereby improving academic performance too